Hangin' out with The Bellamy Brothers

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// Streamed LIVE On Entertainment.no TV Only! // Tuesday 26th of May at:
1:00 PM (1300) Central Standard Time USA
2:00 PM (1400) Eastern Standard Time USA
7:00 PM (1900) UK and Northern Ireland Local Time
8:00 PM (2000) Central Europe Daylight Savings Time

Experience a LIVE and exclusive session with The Bellamy Brothers ONLY through this live stream broadcast from Entertainment.no TV. David & Howard will share stories and perform an acoustic 60 mins session from their ranch in Florida.

Every minute is performed LIVE through this live stream broadcast ONLY. 

Don't miss out. We're hangin' out with The Bellamy Brothers at 26th of May!

Price pr Pay-Per-View ticket is NOK 200 (This equals approximately 15 GBP / 19 USD / 20 EUR). All sales are final and paid by Norwegian Kroner. Follow the show by clicking "PLAY" button on your ticket. 

Få med deg en LIVE og eksklusiv 60 minutters studio-sending med The Bellamy Brothers. Sendingen vises BARE på Entertainment.no TV. David & Howard vil dele historier, og gjøre en akustisk konsert fra deres egen ranch i Florida.

Hvert minutt er en LIVE konsert som du KUN kan oppleve gjennom Entertainment.no TV strømmetjeneste. 

Hangin' out with The Bellamy Brothers får du tirsdag 26. mai kl 20.00 norsk tid!

Pris pr Pay-Per-View billett er 200 kr. Se showet ved å trykke på "PLAY" på billetten din.

Erleben Sie eine LIVE und ekslusive 60-Minuten Studiosendung mit The Bellamy Brothers. Diese Sendung wird nur auf Entertainment.no TV präsentiert. David und Howard werden ein akustusches Studio- Konzert auf The Bellamy Brothers Farm in Florida, übertragen.

Jede Minute der Sendung ist ein LIVE KONZERT nur zugänglig durch Entertainment.no TV. " Hanging out with The Bellamy Brothers" können Sie am 26.Mai um 20.00 Uhr ( europäische Zeit) sehen. Preis pr. Pay Per View ist NOK 200 (entspricht etwa 20 Euro ).


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